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Geoagenda: Geographies of COVID-19


Our very own Maren Larsen and Giulia Scotto take part in "Geoagenda: Geographies of COVID-19" in cooperation with the Swiss Academy of Sciences.

The COVID-19 pandemic has invariably altered the ways that we approach and study geography, the methods we employ to conduct that research, the questions we ask, and the answers that we find. The geography of the pandemic itself has opened up a rich field of inquiry into the virus’s uneven socio-spatial affects and consequences, exposing and exacerbating many pre-existing societal conditions.

In this issue, co-guest-edited by Sara Landolt and Maren Larsen, contributing authors reflect on the economic, human, visual, gendered, and uneven geographies of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and its associated crises and opportunities. They identify breakdowns and new ways of being and thinking that are emerging as a result of the virus’s spread, the responses it has engendered, and the ways of life it has indelibly altered. They engage with questions of exploitation and injustice and new meanings and possibilities of collectivity and solidarity.

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