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The first lecture for the CRITICAL URBANISMS: CURRENT DEBATES Lecture Series will be given by Sandi Hilal, entitled "PERMANENT TEMPORARINESS." It will explore the living room and other instances of "permanent temporariness."

Located between the domestic and the public sphere, Al-Madhafah, in Arabic, is the living room dedicated to hospitality. It has the potential to subvert the role of guest and host and give a different socio-political meaning to the act of hospitality. It seeks to mobilize the condition of permanent temporariness as an architectural and political concept able to challenge the binaries of inclusion and exclusion, public and private, guest and host. It activates the rights of temporary people to host and not to be eternally a guest, the right to claim life in the new destination but without feeling obliged to revoke the desire to belong to the life back home.

This will be held on Monday September 28, 18:00.

Please note that this will be a virtual lecture via Zoom.Please register for the event/Zoom link by sending an email to (Students enrolled in the Critical Urbanisms: Current Debates course need not register)