09Sep 2019

Alte Gewerbeschule, Seminarraum II -160

Urban Studies

Critical Urban Theory

Blockcourse with Professor Ananya Roy

Blockcourse Prof. Ananya Roy

This course, intended for graduate students, is concerned with the scope and purpose of urban theory. Through lectures, readings, discussion, media, and written assignments, the course will survey current debates in urban theory. In doing so, it will pay close attention to how critical urban theory is being remade through postcolonial theory, feminist theory, and critical race studies. If “critical” is an important modifier for urban theory, then so is the “global.”  With this in mind, the course will also address conceptual and methodological debates about global and comparative urbanism, including the imperative for “theory from the South.”  Finally, the course will consider the purpose of critical urban theory.  What is the role of theory in a highly unequal world?  What is the relationship between urban theory and social and spatial justice?  In taking up these questions, we will study examples of critical urban theory produced in the shared terrain of academia and urban social movements.

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