Coloniality of Infrastructure

**NEW DATE ** CONFERENCE "The Coloniality of Infrastructure: Eurafrican Legacies" (12-15 Jan 2021)

NEW DATES: 12-15 Jan 2021 When Eurafrica emerged in the 1920s as an intellectual and political project to connect Europe with Africa, its goal was to ensure European colonial dominance in a changing world. Key to the proposed continental...

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The second lecture for the CRITICAL URBANISMS: CURRENT DEBATES Lecture Series will be given by Wangui Kimari, entitled "Mo-Faya: Socio-ecological Survivals in Nairobi's Outlaw Settlement."
Lecture Series Fall 2020

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Critical Urbanisms: Current Debates (Lecture Series)

This course exposes students to schools of thought and concrete interventions that redefine understandings of urban lifeworlds in the twenty-first century. The lecture series will explore the dynamics that shape cities and how cities in...

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The first lecture for the CRITICAL URBANISMS: CURRENT DEBATES Lecture Series will be given by Sandi Hilal, entitled "PERMANENT TEMPORARINESS." It will explore the living room and other instances of "permanent temporariness."
Phil App

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«Phil» App für Studierende

Die Fakultät veröffentlicht zu Semesterbeginn eine kostenlose iOS- & Android-App für das Studium an der Philosophisch-Historischen Fakultät

Call for applications: PhD-position (SNFS) in Urban Studies / Visual Arts

“Decolonizing Socialism: Entangled Internationalism. An Intersectional Study of Cold War Projects from East Germany in Cinema and Cybernetics with Relevance to the 21st Century” led by Prof. Dr. Doreen Mende, dean of MA in Fine Arts CCC at...

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Contagion and Containment

As part of the ongoing miniseries on refugees in the COVID-19 pandemic, our faculty member Prof. Dr. Kenny Cupers has published the following article entitled "Contagion and containment: curtailing the freedom of movement in times of...

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Infrastructure Between Statehood and Selfhood: The Trans-African Highway

Kenny Cupers and Prita Meier just published an article on their ongoing research on African infrastructure, exploring how highways transform statehood and selfhood. Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, 2020.
Winter School Poster

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Winter School 2020

Migration Infrastructure: Mapping the European Border Regime

Urban Research Design Workshop 2019

The Research Design Workshop is an annual event for the MA students in Critical Urbanisms, taking place in the second half of their semester at the University of Cape Town.