Urban Research Design Workshop 2019

The Research Design Workshop is an annual event for the MA students in Critical Urbanisms, taking place in the second half of their semester at the University of Cape Town.

Remo Reginold (Independent scholar - Critical Urbanisms) gives an interview to Badische Zeitung about the terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka (in German)

Architecture and the Environment

Read Prof. Kenny Cupers' new co-written piece on architecture and the environment: Despite its ubiquity in contemporary discourse, the notion of the environment has yet to be analysed as a central category of thought in architectural...

Professor Sophie Oldfield visiting Cornell University

Professor Sophie Oldfield has been a Cornell University Distinguished Africanist Scholar, hosted by the Cornell University Department of City and Regional Planning.

Final Review Highway Africa Research Studio 1

After conducting fieldwork in Ghana, the group of students from the MA in Critical Urbanisms presented their final work for the Research Studio 1: Highway Africa: Infrastructure, Decolonization, and the City.

Urban Immersions

Read 'Urban Immersions', Laura Nkula-Wenz's and Sophie Oldfield's recently published piece in the European Association of International Education's winter issue of Forum, focused on 'Unexpected Internationalisation'.

Infrastructure Space and the Future of Migration Management

On 10 December 2018 Bilgin Ayata and Kenny Cupers hosted a kick-off workshop on the research project "Infrastructure Space and the Future of Migration Management: The EU Hotspots in the Mediterranean Borderscape" with the following...

Career Opportunity Day

Many guests and institutions participated in the event this year (December 2018), to discuss potential prospects for the 1st and 2nd year students' future careers.

Professor Sophie Oldfield speaking at the 16th Swiss Geoscience Meeting

Professor Sophie Oldfield presented the Association of Swiss Geographers and the Geographica Helvetica Lecture: "The Urban as Political Terrain: Collaborative Urban Geography in Everyday Southern City Life", the keynote address in the Human...

MA in Critical Urbanisms Students Study Infrastructure and Urbanism in Ghana

In early November 2018, the students of the MA in Critical Urbanisms participated in a one-week research trip to Accra, Ghana. The trip was part of the first-year research studio, “Highway Africa: Infrastructure, Decolonization, and the...