11 Apr 2024
15:00  - 17:00


Vortragsreihe / Ringvorlesung

Urban Undersides

Alanna Osbourne, Irene Peano and Rodrigo Castriota (Beyond Inhabitation Lab) moderated by Michele Lancione and Wangui Kimari

Mainstream histories of our current moment(s) – whether political, eco-nomic, ecological or social – centre Europe, and, in particular, elite nar-rations of Europe. In so doing, oth-er histories are put aside, become “off-worlds” in the words of Malcolm Ferdinand. What do historians need to remember/forget/unlearn to be able to center these offworlds in their praxes? And how can we move forward in the absence of archives, and/or erasures in formal (colonial) repositories? In addition, what meth-ods and approaches can support scholars’ bids to intentionally include these urban undersides, towards contributing to liberatory praxis?

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