22 Mai 2024
15:00  - 17:00


Vortragsreihe / Ringvorlesung


Kaysha Corinealdi, Michael Goebel, and Prita Meier in conversation, moderated by Kenny Cupers

This event features speakers whose work foregrounds the making of worlds from connections, processes, and peoples other than those in Euro-American accounts of imperialist globalization. It explores how the notion of “worldmaking,”
coming from literary studies, can serve to build alternative histories and theories of the global urban. Kaysha Corinealdi speaks about how networks of Afro-Caribbean activists reshaped Panama and New York. Michael Goebel discusses how anti-imperial activism in interwar Paris sowed the seeds of Third Worldism. And Prita Meier discusses how the Indian Ocean, as engaged from Swahili port cities, challenges our understanding of globalization. Together they explore how urban and ecological accounts of anticolonialism may advance theory for our urban planet.

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