‘A Culture of Immediatism’: Co-Optation and Complicity in Post-War Angola


Jon Schubert
Ethnos, 2018

This article explores the notion of a ‘culture of immediatism’ that characterises the current political and socio-economic environment of Angola, according to residents of its capital, Luanda. Analysing the material and symbolic affects of the post-war economic boom in the lives of ‘ordinary’ citizens, the article proposes to read the discourses and practices deployed on the ideological terrain of ‘immediatism’ as renegotiations of hegemony. By ethnographically unpacking the ‘aesthetics of power', I sketch out the contours of hegemony to see how power relations change in practice over time. This then sheds new light on the social processes involved in rapid economic change and contemporary, ‘neo-authoritarian’ statecraft, balancing the standard ‘clientelist’ account of power in post-war Angola.