A miniseries on refugees in the COVID-19 pandemic. Part 2. From national threat to oblivion. Erasing migrants from public discourse in Italy during COVID-19


Chiara Pagano
Eurozine, 2020

Italy is now more closed than Matteo Salvini ever dreamt it would be. Prevention is focused on citizens, but 'stay at home' orders are a mockery for asylum seekers and homeless people, whose servicing is becoming impossible. The government has had to reach out to formerly denigrated NGOs for help. Our miniseries on refugees and the coronavirus pandemic continues.

This article is the second part of a miniseries on refugees’ and asylum seekers’ situation in Europe during the COVID-19 pandemic. The miniseries is the result of a co-production with the research project ‘Infrastructure Space and the Future of Migration Management: The Case of the EU Hotspots in the Mediterranean Borderscape.’

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