13 Mar 2024

Hybrid Event on Zoom and at the Basler Afrika Bibliographien


Namibian and Southern African Studies

(Re)defining the Modern Built Heritage of Mozambique by Patricia Noormahomed (Urban Studies)

The colloquium addresses current debates in Namibian and Southern African Studies and provides a forum for conversations between students and local and international scholars, artists and activists. The regional focus is programmatic, but we offer multiple opportunities to reflect on the sessions, and situate them in broader discourses. We nurture an intellectual milieu and knowledge practice that transcend rigid institutional and symbolic boundaries between the university and society, the Global South and North, and disciplines, fields, and practices. The colloquium, jointly organised by the University of Namibia, the University of Basel & the Basler Afrika Bibliographien, is open to students from all levels and guests from within and beyond the university.

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