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Life between Ebb & Flow: Mangrove Ecologies

05-2024_Mangrove Ecologies

Open Call for Artists from Kenya & Switzerland

Ā«Life between Ebb & Flow - Mangrove EcologiesĀ» is a creative residency and research project, which invites selected Kenyan and Swiss artists from various disciplines to collectively explore the topic of mangrove ecologies through experimental research.

The goal of the project is in a first step, to investigate the material, environmental, economic, societal, and cultural relationships associated with mangrove ecologies.

In a second phase, the project explores the intrinsic capacities and agency of mangroves as interconnected beings who adapt, transform and interact, inspiring models for more harmonious and inclusive cohabitation between humans and their environments.

Together with our research partners of Critical Urbanisms at University of Basel and EPFL+ECAL Lab the artists are challenged to engage in innovative visions for the future through intercontinental collaboration at the nexus between art, science, and technology with a social and environmental justice lens.

This Call for Artists has been made possible thanks to the generous support through Synergies by the Swiss Arts Council ProHelvetia.

For more information, please visit here