21 Nov 2019
09:15  - 18:00

Universität Zürich, Hauptgebäude, Rämistrasse 71, 8006 Zürich

Öffentliche Veranstaltung

Sicherheitspolitik anders denken

Interdisziplinarität und Wissenstransfer in der Sicherheitspolitik (Interdisciplinarity and Knowledge Transfer in Security Politics)
19 Nov 2019
09:30  - 14:00

Kollegienhaus, Mehrzweckraum 35

Urban Studies

Öffentliche Veranstaltung

What is Critical Urbanisms? Thesis Work Presentations and Roundtable Discussion

Join us and get a sense of MA in Critical Urbanisms thesis work and explore together with the invited discussants the potentials of interdisciplinary research in urban studies.
12 Nov 2019

Union, Klybeckstrasse 95, Basel

Urban Studies

Öffentliche Veranstaltung

Insane Contrast: Critical Photography Exhibition

A tragic line: Moria Camp vs Lesvos Island
11 Nov 2019

Kollegienhaus, Regenzzimmer 111

Vortragsreihe / Ringvorlesung

Urbanism in Conflict: Cities, Conflict and Contestation

Conflict is associated both with democratic politics and with hegemonic forms of violence. This seminar and lecture series will explore how conflict shapes cities and citizenship, and how cities and citizenship are, in turn, shaped by…
04 Okt 2019
09:00  - 17:00

Kollegienhaus, Regenzzimmer 111

Mediterranean Fascism(s) Workshop

Over the course of this day-long workshop, participants from a range of disciplines will analyse and theorize the manifold legacies of fascism and colonialism that endure in the myriad crises that now reverberate across the Mediterranean…
09 Sep 2019

Alte Gewerbeschule, Seminarraum II -160

Urban Studies

Critical Urban Theory

Blockcourse with Professor Ananya Roy
02 Sep 2019

Studio, Petersgraben 52, 3rd floor

Urban Studies

African Cities

Blockcourse with Professor Sophie Oldfield
10 Mai 2019


Un sentiment d'étrangeté

Un sentiment d’étrangeté est un festival d’architecture et de cinéma qui propose le temps de six soirées, des projections de films suivies de débats. Chaque séance explore une thématique soulevée par le sentiment d’étrangeté.
03 Mai 2019

Center for African Studies Foyer, Rheinsprung 21

Manhattans & Martinis

"Manhattans & Martinis" is a meeting for discussion and exchange. A member of the African Studies community will provide an impulse for discussion of selected theoretical, methodological or technical concerns encountered in their current…
25 Apr 2019

Urban Studies, Alte Universität, Hörsaal 101, Rheinsprung 9/11

Gendered Space and Climate Resilience in Informal Settlements in Bangladesh

Lecture by Dr. Huraera Labeen Brac University, Bangladesh