15 Apr 2019

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

The Earth That Modernism Built

This lecture explores the roots of the modernist project - both heroic and tragic - to design the human by reshaping the environment, from the domestic sphere to the earth at large. It examines how statesmen, scientists, and designers…
03 Dez 2018

Kollegienhaus, Regenzzimmer 111

There is no More Land, there is Only Sand

Guest Lecturer: Milica Topalovic (ETH Zürich)
29 Nov 2018

Petersgraben 52, Seminarraum II, 2. Stock

Khanyisile Mbongwa, Unstable Grounds. Deconstructing Self: The Other in Public Space

Khanyisile Mbongwa is a Cape Town based independent curator and award winning artist and will present her work on Thursday, 29 November 2018 during our Research Studio.
29 Okt 2018

Kollegienhaus, Regenzzimmer 111

Citizen Participation in the Smart City: a Critical Approach

Guest Lecturer: Ginette Verstraete (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Professor of Comparative Arts and Media)
01 Okt 2018

Urbanism in Conflict: Cities, Conflict, and Contestation

Conflict is associated both with democratic politics and with hegemonic forms of violence. This seminar and lecture series will explore how antagonisms shape cities and citizenship, and how cities and citizenship are, in turn, shaped by…
01 Okt 2018

Kollegienhaus, Regenzzimmer 111

Violence by Design and Other Stories

Guest Lecturer: Michael Umewedimo (Collaborative Media Advocacy Project CMAP)
14 Sep 2018

Welcome Apéro

The Welcome Apéro for all students and faculty of Critical Urbanisms takes place on Friday, 14 September 2018
03 Sep 2018

African Cities

Before the start of the fall semester Sophie Oldfield and Laura Nkula-Wenz are teaching a block course called "African Cities" from 3 - 6 September 2018. The course explores critiques of African urban exceptionalism and engages with a…
20 Jan 2018
09:30  - 18:00


Urban Studies

Designing Geopolitics